DMX Splitter 8 Outputs

Key FeatureModel: DMX Splitter

This DMX Splitter/ Amplifier has 8 outputs and 2 inputs. Each input has three-core XLR and five-core XLR.

Mode 1 (One in Eight out): The first way in and eight way out.
Mode 2 (One in Four out): First input assigned output 1-4. Second input assignment to output 5-8
(Equivalent to two sets one in four out amplifiers)
Mode 3 (One in Eight out): This mode defaults the First input signal. Automatically selects the Second input when the First input has no signal
Mode 4 (Combined two input signals) M3 flash
This mode compares the two inputs with same address. Outputs the large data and abandon the small one.
Mode keys Mode 1-4 cycle mode 4 M3 led flashing

DMX output keys control the signal mode on&off..
Function on: There is Output signal when there is input signal. When there is no input signal, output data keeps last received one.
(With or without a signal, output signal maintains)
Function off: Input signal corresponding output signal. No input signal corresponding to the output no signal.

The 8 leds behind the 8 outputs light or flash indicating that the way has signal output. Off indicates that no signal output.

There are two keys in the amplifiers, each press changes the corresponding function; In the absence of operation for 30 seconds, recording of the current work status.
Mode keys Mode cycles from 1-4; Mode 4 M3 led flashing

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