Cold Sparkle Fall Machine Up-side-down

Key FeatureModel:

Cold Sparkle Fall Machine Up-side-down , is an innovation sparkle machine for the stage.

With new technology of composite TI metal powder, the machine creates wonderful COLD SPARKLE FALL effect. It is cold and touchable, no gun powder smell, no pollution of environment. Safe for any use of weddings,events, shows bars&clubs and park.

Cold Sparkle Fall Machine(Up-side-down)

Technical Specifications

Fountain height: 1-5meter

Working temperature: -10℃-50℃

Power: 400w 3.6A (110V version)

400w 1.8A (220V version)

Fuse: 110V/10A, 220V/6A

Connector Double DMX port, double AC power port

Net weight: 6.4kg

Size: 200*200*180mm

Connect quantity Max 6pcs



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