440W Beam Spot Wash Moving Head with CMY

Key FeatureModel:

440W Beam Spot Wash Moving Head with CMY

With 3 color wheel, 15 colors, CMY color mixing,

With 2 gobo wheel, create various wonderful gobo according to your inspire.


440W Beam Spot Wash CMY 3in1 Moving Head Light

Technical Parameter

Voltage: 110V-240V, 50/60Hz

Power: 620W

Light Source: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 440W or YODN MSD440W R20

Ballast: Electronic Ballast

Channels: DMX 26/30 CH

Color Wheel: CMY Color Mixing, 3 color wheels, 15 colors, variable CTO color temperature correction

Gobo Wheel:

One fixed gobo wheel with 15 gobos+ open

One indexing rotating gobo wheel with 9 interchangeable gobos+ open

Prism: 2 linear 6-facet rotating and indexable prisms

Frost: Gradually frost, max frost angle 50°

Strobe: 0.5-12/sec variable strobe effect

Lens: Tempered anti-reflective lens, zoom range 2°-41°

Movement: Pan 540°,8/16 bit resolution

Tilt 270°,8/16 bit resolution

Extremely accurate positioning.

High-resolution stepper motors operated via microprocessors ensure extreme accuracy and smooth movement.

Pan/Tilt movement auto repositioning function.

Size: 386*280*670mm

IP Grade: IP20

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