2x150W Led Blinder Waterproof Stage Light

Key FeatureModel: AL1502LB

Optical grade prism reflector cup, the beam is more accurate, the light effect is better; the output is uniform, no infrared light, no ultraviolet light;

Each lamp can be controlled separately, either in a single control or in conjunction with each other; The internal wiring and structure are waterproof design;

The outer shell is made up of aluminum alloy and iron, and the outer shape is firm and durable, simple and beautiful;

The direction of the lamp can be adjusted; air convection heat dissipation, no noise;

Can be used in a single unit or in multiple units and can be used as a matrix wall.

Can be installed without any tools when splicing. It is a real assembly light fixture.

Application areas: large-scale concerts, cultural performances, studios, entertainment programs, and other places.

2x150W Led Blinder Waterproof Stage Light

Technical Parameters:


Voltage: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz

Power: 350W

Light Source: 2x150W high power COB

Lifespan: about 50,000 hours

Color: 3200K/5600K (optional)

Lens angle: 60°

Dimming: linear dimming 0~100%

Strobe: 0-25 times / sec

Best projection distance: 5 meters – 30 meters

Temperature: -25 ° C ~ 40 ° C

Control mode: DMX mode / self-propelled mode / master-slave mode

DMX channel: 2/4/6 channel

Housing: aluminum alloy

Cooling: natural convection

Protect Grade: IP65

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