250W Beam Moving Head

Key FeatureModel:

AL250WBEAM, which equip high power PHILIPS 250W lamp, is a good choice for indoor and or door events.

All intelligent fixture in our company, guarantee safety performance and humanized operation is an important point. Based on this original intention when we design the AL250BEAM we repeat test many times at built-in overheating protection and intelligent cooling system, remote control bulb switch and power, to ensure it’s stability and rapid response. Reach our request for high-quality fixture.

Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Power: 300W

Light Source: PHILIPS 250W Lamp

Lifespan: 1500hours

Ballast: Electronic ballast

Channel: 16CH

Color Plate: 1 Color plate, 14 colors+ open, 1 Six-color plate

Gobo Plate: 1 Fixed gobo plate, 13 gobos+ open

Prism: 2 Rotation prism, One 8-facet prism, One honeycomb prisms

Frost: Gradually frost

Strobe: 0.5-14/sec,various strobe effects

Optics: Glass optical lens

Display: LCD display(Chinese/English optional)

Movement: Pan 540°Tilt 270°8/16Bit resolution

IP Grade: IP20

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