18x15W Led Wall Washer Pixel

Key FeatureModel: AL1018WW

18x15W Led Wall Washer Indoor is a lighting design technique for illumination of large surfaces.

It is mainly used with contemporary architecture ; in public cultural buildings, museums and galleries; and in landscape lighting.

It can produce evenly illuminated walls. It is a tool mainly used by lighting designers , to create lighter spaces or making the rooms seem brighter or higher.

18x15W Led Wall Waher Pixel

Voltage: AC100-240V50/60Hz
Led: 18pcs RGBW 4 in 1 high power led
Led life: 30K hours
PWM dimming frequency: 1K Hz
Dielectric strength: 1.5KV
Individually dot controlled
Control: DMX 512
Control mode: standard-alone control model
Master-slave mode
Number of channel: 9/23/72
Beam angle: 40 degree
Dimension: 100X8.8X17CM
N.W: 7.2KGS


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