In USA – Aolait Beam Moving Head Light shines the stage

Successful GET Show in 2017 review
December 14, 2017
In Singapore – Aolait 330W BSW and led wash applied in the wedding
December 14, 2017

80pcs Aolait Beam Moving Head Light shines the stage in USA

Lighting Designer in this show put together a lighting design worthy his incredible performance and ensured the singer remained firmly as the focus of the show throughout, aided by 80 pcs Aolait Beam Moving Head Light. This light is a compacted size beam moving head with strong beam function, suitable for all occasions such as events indoor and outdoor, bars, clubs, as well as studio. It was simple, linear and well distributed, lighting every part of the enormous structure with great power.

This was a very impressive show and we were proud that our fixtures were able to deliver everything our client needed.