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Empowering collaboration and staying ahead of the game

Join forces with the leaders in stage lighting technology. Becoming a Aolait partner lets you offer a wider range of products, systems and more innovative solutions to your customers. 

With the Aolait brand on your side, and access to our end-to-end technical and service support, you’ll open doors to countless commercial opportunities.

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Add Value To Your Business

  • Professional and thoughtful team

    Our professional sales team is devoted to save your time and costs with enormous product knowledge and rich experience in quality inspection.

  • Promotional products and marketing support

    We offer catalogs, booklets, and free inquiry push to local retailers.

  • Unique price offer

    Our in-house capabilities can lower your costs greatly.

  • Technical Support

    Our end-to-end technical support is a tab away.

  • Service

    Our specialized supporting team provide our partners with any service needed.