In Singapore – Aolait 330W BSW and led wash applied in the wedding

In USA – Aolait Beam Moving Head Light shines the stage
December 14, 2017
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May 27, 2019

In May, Aolait lights 330W moving head light and 19pcs led wash moving head bee-eye were used in the wedding in Singapore.

It was a bright, warm, colorful wedding scene which matched the high class environment of the hotel. Only use two types of lights to create this wonderful effect. One is 330W moving head light, an innovation of hybrid function moving head light euqipped with a 330W Osram/Philips/Yodn Platinium lamp,is super bright and powerful for any demand of the stage .Beam effect is strong and penetrating, spot is zoomable, so it is  applied widely for any indoor and outdoor shows. With one static gobo wheel and one rotating gobo wheel, you can see changeable gobos on the ceiling and the floor. The other is led wash moving head bee-eye, a multi-function beam wash moving head light as well as built-in graphic effects. Key features of this light are as follows:Each LED can be controlled individually ;The front lens can rotate without limitation in forward and reverse direction to create amazing effects;Display screen can be turned upside down with 180°to fit the installation in different place; Can be used as beam, wash or effect light use(Kaleido effects).

Light makes life better. In such a beautiful day, Aolait Lighting accompanied the happy couple with the most sincere wishes to get through the ceremony!